A biodiversity offering is a profitable product or
service that supports a species-preserving project.

Business is both the main driver of the planet's current catastrophic loss of biodiversity and the key to stemming it. One way to address this challenge is for firms to launch profitable offerings that harness market forces to fund projects that drive biodiversity enhancement. This business model minimizes the costs of such projects while maximizing their positive impacts on biodiversity. The gulf between customer interactions with such offerings and the conservation of a particular species is bridged with technological tools. The first tool builds a profitable and biodiversity-enhancing business venture via stochastic, agent-based models of business networks that span species-consuming countries and species-hosting countries. These models are optimized for profitability through the use of optimization algorithms that run on high performance computers. Customer loyalty to the offering is maintained via a second tool that creates biodiversity dashboards. These web-based dashboards display in real-time, monitoring data on the offering's impact on a targeted species. This allows customers to see for themselves how the offering is positively impacting that species. Projects are tailored to the political context of a particular biodiversity threat. This political context is comprehended by applying stream-parsing algorithms to social media commentary on the targeted political-ecological system.

Guidance and tools:

A step-by-step guide for developing a biodiversity offering and associated project is here. All software for simulator construction and execution can be downloaded from Rhino EMT.